Dolphin Marine Magic

Loved the world over, Dolphin Marin Magic is one of Coffs Harbour’s premiere attractions. Where else does every guest get the chance to be kissed by a dolphin and seal for free? Dolphin Marine Magic has been “edutaining” its guests for over 44 years! Without a doubt, the main stars at the multi award winning Dolphin Marine Magic are the dolphins and seals; supported by our penguins, turtles, and fish. All visitors have the opportunity to get so up close and personal with beautiful marine animals – pat and play with the dolphins, feed a fish to a seal, enjoy a penguin talk and feeding, and spend time in the Solitary Reefs exhibit, learning about the incredible marine life around Coffs Harbour and even getting the chance to feed some of the marine fish.

If you have ever wanted to fulfil a life time dream to swim with the dolphins, you can also do that at Dolphin Marine Magic. They offer a range of special, once in a life-time, in-water experiences with Seals and Dolphins. Never have visitors had the opportunity to get so up close and personal with dolphins like they can during an Ultimate Dolphin Swim. Enjoy swimming, hugging, playing and getting pushed through the pool by a dolphin. There is an animal experience available for all ages and ability levels, including several shallow water encounters, swimming with seals and dolphins for more confident swimmers, a land based dolphin and seal encounter for guests who do not wish to enter the water and the day long Trainer For A Day for guests who want to experience what life is really like for the Marine Mammal Specialists who work at Dolphin Marine Magic.

Why wouldn’t you want to visit Dolphin Marine Magic while on holiday in Coffs Harbour!

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